The two week buildup for a major event came and went on Sunday, as the Daytona 500 stock car race was postponed until  Noon, eastern time today. This marks the first time in 54 years of the running of the 500 that it has been postponed by rain, and with an 80% chance of rain today, they could be racing tomorrow. With the rain comes a track that has now hasall the rubber washed off from the week of practice and racing, which will make for slick track early on. From engines to drivers the postponement effects everyone, including the truck drivers who haul the cars from race to race, They have to drive back to their shops in the Charlotte area, un-load, re-load and go another 2000 miles to phoenix for next Sunday's race. As a NASCAR fan, I will keep my fingers crossed that they can get the race in today. Good luck to your favorite driver, and good luck to my Vegas picks.