You practice, you sweat, you fall down allot, you practice some more, you dance, get judged, then you get sent home because some fuzzy little foreigners say you dance bad. So, bye bye Martina Navratilova, the first one sent home, where ever that may be. Some people in the Dancing With Scars circle say they thought Gavin DeGraw should have got the axe. No matter who or why got sent packing, I believe "Dancing On Broken Glass", or "Dancing In A Vat Of Jello" would be much more entertaining. Here's a great idea for eliminating dancers. Instead of having so called dance experts seal the fate of the contestants, hand out boxing gloves to all the dancers, play the "Rocky" theme, and the first team knocked out cold is out. Or, grease up a bunch of camp stools, and play musical chairs with an added twist, dancers are blind folded. Sorry fans of the show, just poking a little fun, here are your results and other info on the show, enjoy.


MSN/ Kate Mulcrone