I've become addicted to the "Garden Sensation Salads at Wendy's! All of them are great but my favorite is the "Strawberry Fields" I like it so much, that It's getting embarrassing! I'm sure they are probably thinking..."What is up with this girl who get's the same salad every day and eats a Junior Frosty EVERYDAY! LOL Anyway, I decided I could Mimic that salad, and make it at home. So I bought all the ingredients:

Lettuce, Blue Cheese crumbles, Bacon, Purple Onion, Toasted Sunflower Salads, Strawberries and dressing.

After cooking the bacon, roasting the sunflower seeds, chopping the lettuce onion, strawberries and adding the Blue Cheese Crumbles...It was lookin' pretty good! (I had to buy a Raspberry Vinaigrette because I couldn't find a "Apple Balsamic" Which is what they use!)

But, I gotta tell ya...after making my own version of that salad, I decided, The Wendy's Version is STILL BETTER! Their grilled Chicken is cooked just perfectly. So is their bacon! How do ya mess up a salad right? Geez...but my bacon was too crunchy and my chicken too dry. And their Apple Balsamic dressing is way better too!

Plus, I think I'm actually money ahead if I just purchase it from Wendy's! I get the Half size, and I think it comes to $4.98. And the best part is every time I buy one from Wendy's I use my key fob for a FREE JUNIOR FROSTY! So,

at least in this case, the home made version...is just NOT Winning Out!

So there is my Review For the Day! Don't bother making it at home. Just go to Wendy's! Lol!

Bon Apetite!