Every Sunday morning(sometimes Saturday) I make the the 4 block trek to the Shadow Mountain Grill for my morning coffee. Most of the usual suspects are there scattered around the place drinking a cup of joe, and solving the world's problems from crab grass to health care. I usually sit at the counter with my neighbor, Jim, aka Poolboy. We talk more at Shadow Mountain than we do at home, but it's all good. If Roy ain't doing dishes or out telling some hunting story he will usually sit and lie to us.  It is so nice to sit and relax, read the paper or just say hi to someone you haven't in a while in a comfortable setting. The whole staff knows you, and you know them, and no one get's their panties in a bunch if you step behind the counter and pour yourself a cup of coffee. In fact I have poured some coffee for myself, and then just kept going around the restaurant and filled up all the empty cups. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but coffee and good friends fills me up and keeps me going until the next Sunday social meeting. Shadow Mountain Grill in Benton City, they'll leave the coffee on for you.