The 5 Love Languages (in a book by Gary Chapman) is a concept that says that everyone has an emotional love tank that needs to be filled by your loved ones. By identifying what your primary and secondary ones are, you can help those around you be aware of what makes you feel most loved. By knowing what your spouse/significant other/kids’ love languages are, you can custom-treat them with actions of love that fill up their tanks.

*Quality Time
*Receiving Gifts
*Words of Affirmation
*Acts of Service
*Physical Touch

Ask your spouse or significant other which one they are?

When you feel stuck, your world seems very small and closed-in, and there doesn’t seem to be any visible path forward.

It’s essential to have options in order to feel hopeful again. Spend time along with a coach/friend brainstorming as many potential solutions to your current dilemma as you can. There are no ridiculous options in brainstorming. In fact, some of the most out-of-the-box, zany ideas often have a hint of a solution in them. Don’t stop with three or four options; get 10-20 options on the table!

Then, only after you have exhausted your list, begin to evaluate the options as to which one or two seem most viable, most able to commit to. And begin playing with those ideas until an action plan forms.

Paul Casey

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