When the Dugout tavern was built, I'm sure some people said they were nuts. Built in 1998 off of road 68 in Pasco, they were surrounded by fields, jack rabbits and farmers, who knew? Today the Dugout is a full service bar with the tavern atmosphere, patrons range from 21 to 101 and it all seems to work. I talked to Bridgett who has worked there for ten years, which is pretty rare in the bar business. She said it's basically one big family between the customers and employees.In fact I grew up in the same neighborhood with the owner, I would certainly call him a friend. Let's get to the meat and potatoes, or should I say beff and french fries. Like I said before, a good cheeseburger for me is one that is not covered up with distractions, two different kinds of lettuce, sauted onions or mushrooms, give that to pierre at the gourmet joint. I need a lean, thick patty with raw onion, mustard, tomato(thin sliced) dill pickle, and of course lots of cheese, bingo! The Dugout has all of that, fresh everything, hot fast service and a great price. Ad some fries and you are in cheeseburger bliss. I give the Dugout cheeseburger 4 napkins, that's nice and juicy. The pictures never do the burger justice. Have one today, 7111 Burden Blvrd, just off of road 68 in pasco.