I was talking to our intern Miki, and the subject came up of  what country star  would I like as a guest on the morning show? Great question. Since it would be anybody I wanted, I would have the ability to bring them back from the dead for a couple of hours. The first list I came up with was vast, so I had to narrow it down, then I had to narrow that list down until I came up with 5 people I would love to interview. My first guest would be a classic, I grew up listening and singing along with all of his music, mainly because my parents were fans and lots of his albums. Roger Miller I believe would be a great interview because of his humor, and great song writing ability, I could easily spend 5 hours with him. Next would be a country classic in every sense of the word, smooth voice, great performer, and I listened to him a lot as a kid as well, my Uncle Cal had many Jim Reeves albums. My life would be complete if I had Jim Reeves in studio with guitar, and have him belt out 'Danny Boy' I would probably faint like a teen age girl at a Beattles concert. What morning show would be complete with out Dolly Parton, a women who has truly made her mark on the world under her terms. She's not afraid to make fun of herself, and a true on stage presents that a lot of singers never have, gimme five with Dolly. Just out of curiosity more than anything, I would have Taylor Swift as a guest. I truly would like to talk to her face to face just to see for my self what makes her tick. Talented, rich, well versed and stays out of the spotlight for all the right reasons. Five hours may not be long enough. Finally a man who like me saw him change the face of country music as we knew it, and made listening to country music hip. The one, the only Garth Brooks. A country act who said it's ok to run all over a big stage and be a little crazy, and let your lead guitar player turn up the volume. Can't wait for him to start touring again. There are my five, take our poll and tell me who you would like to spend 5 hours with, collect 500 VIP bonus points.