Do you have a favorite or not so favorite Christmas song? Well, we are full swing into the holiday season, and that means Christmas songs on the radio. Like it or not we will hear them right up until Santa drops a sack of toys down the chimney. I can listen to Christmas music for a period of time throughout the day, but I think everyone needs a break. Here are my top 5 worst Christmas song. Feel free to leave me your picks, and comment on mine. Merry Christmas.

#5 on my list was sang by a group of talented girls known as SheDaisy. They took a classic and turned it into a train wreck. Jingle Bells is a song you just sing, you don't try and over-harmonize and turn it into a science project gone terrible wrong. The first time I heard this rendition, I wanted to take an ice pick and puncture my own ear drums.

#4 on the my stop the bad Christmas music list is Sir Paul McCartney and wings un-inspired 'Wonderful Christmas' I know, let's make some techno noises, play some groovy little beat, and sing the same 7 or 8 words over and over for about 4 minutes, yeah, that ought to do it. The first 5 times I hear this song I'm satisfied, after that when I hear it, I beg that I get hit in the head with a piano and go into a coma until after Christmas.

#3 on my stop the madness tour. Santa Baby, the Madonna version. Dear Madonna, we know you have gone above and beyond in you're career to prove just how, boy how do I put this, 'open' to new things. Hey, not like a virgin, leave Santa to the kids. Don't even sing about him like you're hitting on him, it's a little creepy.

#2 on the list is a very confusing song, really has no beat and you can't dance to it. Trans-siberian Orchestra's 'Christmas Eve, Sarajevo' What the French toast is going on here. I believe the producer put about 100 people in a room, each playing a different instrument, told them all to just play something on the count of three, then hit record on the cassette player. There is way too much stuff going on in this song. Here is our Christmas song, we will play it loud and shove it right down your throat, say AHHHHH! If Godzilla ate an orchestra and then threw them back up, this is the sound it would make.

#1 on my list, as the worst Christmas song, by a large margin........Wham, 'last christmas'  I don't even know where to begin. If you are singing about a relationship from a year ago, you have no life, or you are a stalker. Good lord Wham, go by a video game, you'll forget about ole what's her name in no time. From the cheesy 80's beat, to George Michaels crying about last Christmas, I know why they called the group wham. Ever time I hear that song, I wish someone would wham me in the head with a frying pan. You want to keep illegal aliens out of the states, play this song, loud at the Canadien and Mexacan borders 24/7. Trust me, 2 minutes of this song and they'll be building the wall.

There ya have it, my top 5 worst Christmas songs. Please leave me your least favorite holiday songs, I would appreciate it. Merry Christmas.