Some cheeseburgers look good and taste terrible, some look terrible and taste great. The cheesburger at Ty's Bar And Grill in West Richland has both, good looks, great taste.  I love a place I can walk into and know a few people at the bar, does that make me a regular, you betcha. If you are sitting there and one of the girls comes out of the back with a cheeseburger, and you get a look at it, you're probably going to order one. Years ago Ty's was the Bridge Tavern, a little bar cold beer, pull tabs and punchboards. On occasion my dad would stop in for a cold one, we would wait out in the car waiting for our cold one, a pop. My dad knew if he brought out some soda and a bag of chips, the chances of us mentioning the incident to my mom was less likely. Ty's has grown up since then, pool tables, darts and plenty of TVs. If it is a cold brew and a big cheeseburger you want though, welcome home. Also, no matter who cooks my cheeseburger, they all come out tasting the same, consistency, that's the key to repeat business. Ty's is located at 3880 W. Van Geisen in West Richland, tell em' Chuck sent ya. Who knows you might find me in the parking lot sitting in my car eating chips and drinking a soda, if so, say hi to my dad when you get inside.