I knew it would be tough! I had no idea just how tough! Holy Moly....about 1/4 way up I'm out of breath and thinking OMG! Haha! I have never really ridden a mountain bike before and didn't know how to use the gears very well! I strugged for sure! Thank you again Jenn and Darin Warnick from "Greenies" in Richland!

I'm seriously surprised I didn't crash! (I thought I might a few times!) It really was beautiful up there at night! Even though it was windy and then rainy! I loved it!

It was quite an experience, and definitely worth it!

Please watch the video interview (even though it's windy) and stay long enough to see the slideshow of great shots taken by Darin! (You'll be able to see my new bike at the very end of the video from when he delivered the bike to my house the night before!)

Thanks for watching!