According to an article in the New York Post, a recent Harris poll showed because of our economy more people are willing to cut costs by cutting out some of their favorite things. For example, according to the poll,21% of people are giving up the morning cup of coffee. Think about it, at $10.00 a cup, that's a huge savings. Dump the daily cup of overpriced coffee and after a year or so, buy yourself a nice little island in Figi. Almost 40% of people polled, said they are no longer buying bottled water, and filling containers with tap water. Amazing, it took hard times for people to figure out that tap water is just as healthy as bottled water. 'Don't look behind the curtain'. More and more people are taking their own lunches to work, and nearly 70% of people are buying generic products instead of the name brand stuff. For me, a 29 cent can of green beans taste the same as a $1.50 can of green beans, but that's just me. Even the entertainment world is taking a hit, a percentage of people are no longer subscribing to their favorite magazines, and cutting back on cable and dish, or opting for cheaper packages. As Americans, we can only be pushed so far, over 50% of the people polled said they haven't even considered giving up on, or reducing their cell phone use. This is great news for insurance companies, because we will still have all the idiots out there talking on their phones, and texting while driving. Ron White said it best, "you can't fix stupid'. What have you cut back on in your daily life? And what will you never give up? Let me know, thanks.