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Twin Explosions at Boston Marathon Finish Line [UPDATED]
9 p.m. (EST): The final press conference of the day with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and various other officials just concluded. The FBI is now leading investigations of the events. Davis confirmed that three people were killed in today's blasts.
CNN is r…
YouTube Is Shutting Down Relaunch Scheduled for 2023
YouTube announced that after midnight tonight, they will no longer accept video uploads. They claim a winning video will be selected and featured when they relaunch in 2023. Watch this video to find out more! Is this an April Fools prank?!
Tuition Assistance Reinstated for Military
The military tuition assistance program was shut down earlier this month due to sequestration budget cuts, but congress has now agreed to reinstate the funding for the program.
The tuition assistance program provides up to $4,500 per year for service members working toward a college degree...
12yr old Devon Makes USA Karate Team
A Pasco boy has the opportunity of a lifetime: travel to Australia with the USA Karate Team in May.
Devon Brown is a remarkable 12-year-old with skills that have attracted the attention of the USA Karate team! He’s been invited to be one of a select group of individuals in various age groups to trave…
Did You Hear About Harry’s Naked Drug Party?
The paparazzi obsession with the Brits continues. Prince Harry was photographed participating in a "naked" party. Apparently there is a video circulating that shows his naked friends doing cocaine, marijuana, and mushrooms. No word on if Harry was involved with the drugs, but sourc…
Tips From Da Principal
8 Things Your Kid's Principal Probably Won't Tell You
"Readers Digest" interviewed a bunch of principals to find out 8 things that parents SHOULD know!
Donate for Cancer Walk
Legacy Ford is sponsoring a team for the Susan G. Komen 3-day, 60-mile Cancer Walk in Seattle which will take place September 14-16th.
Kathy Tucker, breast cancer survivor was in the studios this morning to talk about the walk and how people can donate to the team through various fundraising effo…
Kim Wants a Hollywood Star
The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a place for talented entertainers to be honored. The famous star awards can be found in California down Hollywood Boulevard between Gower Street and LaBrea Avenue. They also run up Vine Street between Sunset Boulevard and Yucca Street.
Kennedy Curse
The Kennedy Curse is something Americans have buzzed about for decades. Now that Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy naturally it makes me worry for the talented singer-song writer.
Taylor, don't get caught up in the curse.  I like your music and want you to keep winning awards...
MORE Great 2012 Commercials
MORE Great 2012 Commercials ...
I'm going to be sharing some of my favorites from this year in a series of posts.
This commercial is one of my favorites. Clint Eastwood delivers this speech which is sure to inspire.

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