Weird News

Moses Lake Driver Busted With a Coyote Puppy in Front Seat
An alert Moses Lake Police Officer noticed a car he had pulled over before for driving with a suspended license and he stopped the vehicle again around 2:00am Monday as the driver still had not fixed a broken tail light. And that's when the officer noticed a coyote puppy in the front seat...
Moses Lake Woman Shot in Head by Road Rage Driver
A 21 year old Moses Lake woman was shot in the head from unidentified persons in a car that suddenly began tailgating them and then started shooting. The woman sustained minor injuries described as a graze to the head. Police originally got reports of two cars driving fast and gun shots near Lybbert…
Ghost In The Lamppost – Do You See It?
The Mayor of Salem, Mass. snapped this photo
Mayor Kim Driscoll came across this spooky sight: A man's face grimacing trapped inside the glass case at the top. Eerie, huh?
This is Salem, after all, as in Salem Witch Trials from 1692...
Cat in Tree With Assault Rifle
It sure does look like that kitty cat is packing.
Cops were called, situation handled, photo taken.
From the Newport, Ore. Police:
Reports of an armed cat this morning were unfounded. The feline was contacted by our canine and was determined to be in possession of a non-lethal branch...
Washington Son Kills Dad and Keeps His Dead Body in Garage
A teenager from Ferndale Washington killed his father in an argument and them kept his body in the garage for maybe weeks. Ferndale police got reports that members of a 65 year old William Koop Jr's family had not seen or heard from him in weeks and sent officers to his home to check on him acc…

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