Weird News

Infamous Serial Killer’s Childhood Home is Haunted
Most people from the state of Washington shiver when the name Ted Bundy is mentioned. One of the world's most infamous serial killers grew up in Tacoma Washington where he later preyed on and murdered many women beginning in the 1970's.
2 Men Ran Over at Campsite, 1 Killed in Possible Racist Attack
One man was killed and another seriously hurt when a man in a truck intentionally ran them over at their campsite near Hoquiam, Wa and then fled the scene. That 31 year old still unnamed man from Hoquiam was arrested Tuesday night according to news reports...
Kennewick Police Arrest Drunk Man for Donuts
Not those kind of donuts!
Kennewick police responded to a report of a black Dodge doing donuts in the parking lot of the Marine Land Village and a near-by grocery store (probably Albertsons across the street) according to their Facebook page...
Is This the Dumbest Tri-Cities Criminal Ever?
Is this the dumbest criminal in Tri-Cities or just a guy who really, really loves to garden?
On the Pasco PD Facebook page, one of the officers made a post about a woman's Rose of Sharon plants being dug up and stolen from her front yard...
The Ultimate Perfect Beaver Shot
Now that's a headline.
And the story backs it up.
Louis-Marie Preau, a photographer, spent two to three hours a night lying perfectly still on the bank of a river trying to catch THE picture of a lifetime, of the Eurasian beaver in action...
Mans Fashion Apocalypse is Upon Us: RompHim
You have got to be kidding me. This is what the dudes are wearing?
ACED Design has put together a romper for men, so instead of the Romper, it's the RompHim, get it?
This piece of ridiculousness is a one piece shirt and shorts for men with a zipper fly, an adjustable waist, deep front poc…
Man Bit by 4 Foot Shark in Tacoma Zoo Tank
A diver working in a shark tank in the Tacoma Zoo was bit by a 4 foot shark and had to go to the hospital. The diver was bit in the hand while diving with a dive safety officer but no reason was giving to what made the shark bite. Open diving has been suspended for now while a diving board revi…

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