Garth Brooks Coming to Seattle!
Here's the info from KORD's Ed Dailey (DON'T MISS THE VIDEO BELOW THAT I SHOT OF GARTH GETTING BOO'D IN PORTLAND...but it was a good boo for a good reason LOL)
Seahawks Awesome Rookie Chris Carson! Who Is He?
Wow NFL rookie Chris Carson got great yardage against the 49ers when we needed it! So who is this guy? Well, he was born in Mississippi and grew up in Georgia.The Seahawks liked him and signed him to a four-year, $2.46 million contract with a nice little signing bonus of $65k...
Summer’s Last Hurrah! See the World’s Tallest Sandcastle
An amazing feat by a German travel agency.
The attention to detail is truly remarkable and obviously painstaking.
See the profile video of the event and the finished product.
Staff members with the Schauinsland-Reisen travel agency used thousands of tons of sand to build the structure, which stood 54-f…
Best Cordless Leaf & Lawn Blower For the Money! ($63)
My Black & Decker blower is great...cordless and enough power for a regular yard. But when the old school Ni-Cad batteries I had all failed after a few years, it was time to get a nice new Lithium charged blower! The one I refer to in the video that I don't care for and is hard to aim d…
Blame the Seahawks Loss on Me. I Messed Up.
Apparently I made a mistake, so the Seahawks losing to the Packers last Sunday is my fault.
I totally forgot to buy some Tostitos Lucky Bags. If they're not just trying to sell chips and the bag really is lucky, then yep, I messed up. It won't happen again...

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