Ex-TV Anchor Wants Dan Newhouse’s Seat in Congress
Tri-Cities and Yakima TV viewers of NBC programming have no doubt seen Christine Brown anchoring the news and managing the news for close to 30 years in both markets.
After leaving her position due to company restructuring, she tried her voice on talk radio,  hosting a noon call-in show about lo…
Granger Hop-Farm Crew Is Best in the World!
I wish I could explain to you how to tie a double half-hitch with one hand...and while wearing gloves, but you'll just have to see if for yourself! These guys really are the best in the world at what they do!
Woman Throws Herself in Front of Speeding Car to Save Child
A Connecticut woman is credited with shoving a child just enough to take the brunt of an out-of-control car. Amazingly the woman and child she pushed survived.
Shanta Jordan is being credited for absorbing most of the impact and saving the young boy's life
Is George Strait Doing Golf Cart Commercials?
Why yes, yes he is! And why not? I'm sure he got a free golf cart or two out of the deal on top of a little endorsement cash. If you want a fancy golf cart like this it'll run you about $24,000.
How to Cook Bread on a Stick Over a Campfire
I love hanging out in my backyard with my dogs. My coworker shared this video with me he made about cooking dough on a stick over a backyard fire. I've heard of people doing that, but never tried it. After watching the video, I feel like I could...
Columbia River Is Scary High Right Now!
My friend Andrew made this video. He lives in north Richland and says this is the highest he's seen the Columbia River ever. I don't know if it's really some kind of record, but you have to admit it's crazy high!
An Angel Flight For Fallen Soldiers Aboard a C-130
"Angel Flight" is the call sign for a USAF C-130, carrying a fallen hero on board. Their "salute" with flares looks like an angel with wings. #MilitaryAppreciationMonth #MemorialDay
Watch the video to see how the aircraft deploys the flairs...
Pasco City View Cemetery Hosting the Traveling Vietnam Wall
The traveling Vietnam wall, an 80 percent scale version of the 360-foot long Vietnam  Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., made it's way to Pasco Wednesday under the escort of fleets of motorcycles and up to 300 people coming from all over the country to honor those who have served and are s…
Insane Inflatables 5 K Brings The Fun For Families [VIDEO]
It was a beautiful day for Insane Inflatables at the Benton County Fairgrounds In Kennewick, Washington. I grabbed some snap shots and some video and even had a chance to go the top of the start and announce a wave and ended up getting knocked over.
At the top of the inflatable, it was like being on …

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