iPhone Or Healthcare?
New iPhones cost $649. The average cost of healthcare for one year is $10,345.
Yet Utah Senator Jason Chaffetz said maybe instead of getting that new iPhone, maybe you should use it for healthcare instead. Logical? Do you agree?
Obviously it's not going over well on social media...
Crazy Cool Optical Illusion EXPLAINED
Through The Looking Glass
Understanding how light travels is the key.
Look through the glass above, you'll find the black and white bars bizarrely switch direction. The explanation is actually not complicated. First, water is denser than air...
Watch Alien Mothership Get Fuel From The Sun [VIDEO]
The truth is out there.
Is NASA trying to hide evidence of extra-terrestrial life from us?
A video and pictures taken by the Solar Heliospheric Observatory seem to show a UFO crashing into the sun, causing a large flare.
Other pictures released by NASA last September allegedly show an alien mothe…
Bluetooth Speaker Review: JBL Charge 3 vs. Bose Soundlink
What does every guy do when he gets new speakers? Tests them with TOP GUN! I did a lot of online research and if you did too, then maybe this will help you choose between the Bose Soundlink and the JBL Charge 3, the two I found to be the most highly rated in the same price range...

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