Another Epic Post From Pasco Police on Facebook
The Pasco Police department have been doing an excellent job of informing the public via social media of crime and community events, sounds boring right?? I'm not quite sure whom is posting...but I must say He or She is very's the latest
Faith Martin Craves ‘Getting Back to Simple’!
Is it just me? Or do you crave a little more of the 'Simple Life'?
I agree technology has it's benefits for sure. But, with the amazing benefits of current technology...those of us who do spend days behind a desk (or control console) staring at a computer screen, it can  seem like…
The 7 Most Annoying People on Facebook
You just wanted to post a thought you had, or a cute photo of your puppy. You try to keep it simple and fun. But Facebook has become a dumping ground for politics, random rants, overshares, bragging, and passive-aggressively asserting how some people are better than everyone else...

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