Bose Solo…Not Enough Bass? [VIDEO]
Last week I blogged about a great deal on the Bose Solo for your TV. QVC had them for $279. Mine came to my front door and my excitement was short lived when I plugged it in. There are a lot of reviews out there about the lack of bass, an unusual problem for Bose...
You’ll Never Guess The Surprise I Got From a Samsung Galaxy S5
I'm a fan of the Samsung phones (my son works for the company) so I bought the new Galaxy S5. I HATE how each new phone has a new portal so none of your old power cords work. This time, I asked for a car charger, and they gave me a skinny one, but my phone needs a wide one. The mistake was on m…
Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks! [VIDEO]
Ok, my new S5 is a long way away from my old Stratosphere and though they operate in a similar fashion....HOLY WOW what the new one can do! Get the most out of your awesome toy...then make a phone call. LOL
Spokane Auto Mechanic Inspiring Nation to Learn CPR
Did you hear about this? Earlier in the week a one month old baby went into cardiac arrest while the family was shopping. They took it inside a store and called 9-11. Thanks to a smartphone app called "PulsePoint" an auto mechanic down the street was alerted to the emergency and he…
Top 10 Texting Rules — Don’t Break Them!
A little advice for you buddy. If your woman's ex keeps texting her, it's because she's responding when you're not there. Let's face it, texting causes a lot of drama in our lives. Here are 10 rules that if everyone follows we would likely achieve world peace:

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