Summer Fun

Dutch Brothers Breaks the Coffee Shop Mold! [VIDEO]
When you think of coffee shops you think a of a dim, quiet place, a place to sit and sip your latte, read a book or catch up on emails. That is, until Dutch Brothers entered the coffee scene. They break all the rules when it comes to coffee shops...
Where’s the Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had?
I've never been a great sleeper! I think once you're a parent you pretty much never sleep soundly again!  But, over the years, I've developed more of a NON Sleeping 'issue' and have thought to consult a professional.
However, I noted that in the summers when I would take…
Teen Dream Job! Get a Tan! AND Get Paid!
Okay not to take this lightly...It's a serious job! You could be 'SAVING LIVES!'
I always was quite envious when I was a pre-teen, watching the usually attractive and tan lifeguards at the summer pools or beach...

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