Summer Fun

I’m a Bad Bunny Mom!~My Bunny Left Me! [VIDEO]
Well as mysteriously as my bunny showed up in my yard, she has now disappeared!
Funny you can give someone a perfect home with all the comforts they need and lots of love and they still leave. I guess she has the wandering spirit, cause she was not in her bunny pen this morning...
My Bunny Might Be Moving to China! [VIDEO]
Watch this Video and tell me what YOU think. The weird thing is...She has now buried up all the holes and you can't even tell that there is a tunnel and a den down there.
I think maybe she thinks she is waiting for the right time to make her escape to China or maybe she thinks or is...
My Best Friend For 45 Years is Coming to Visit!
I met my friend Joan in 3rd grade in Felton CA, and we have literally been best friends ever since. She and I are complete opposites but we've always gotten along really well!
She's brilliant! She's a Nurse Practitioner, and also a Lawyer...

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