Summer Fun

What Makes You Happy? Are You Doing it Today? [VIDEO]
I saw something on facebook that asked people what was the one thing they did when they were young that used to make the hours tick by like seconds and that would make them forget the time, or their homework, or that they were supposed to be home for dinner...
Best Ways to take down a Summer Pool? [VIDEO]
Okay, so this may be the way NOT to do it...I really don't know!
I stopped putting in Chlorine and then drained the pool half at a time...I'll let the air out of the ring on top and I guess just let it dry some and then fold it up and store it...
The Great Prosser Balloon Rally September 26-27th
SEPTEMBER  26-27-28  2014
Hot Air Balloons take to the sky at The Great Prosser Balloon Rally. The balloons are scheduled to launch at sunrise from the Prosser Washington Airport on September 26, 27, 28, 2014 (weather permitting)

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