Summer Fun

Get $25 Gift Card to Dairy Queen for Half Off This Friday!
Dairy Queen on Burden Blvd. invited us over to try some of their new menu items including the "baked" treats. They were incredible and you can see for yourself in the video below. This Friday at 8 a.m. you can get a $25 Dairy Queen gift card for only $12.50!
10 Best Books for Summer Reading
Has it been a long time since you read or listened to a book for fun? Here's a list of summer reading recommendations covering a wide gamut of genres that hopefully you've never heard before.
Do It Yourself Sunscreen? — Maybe Not A Good Idea!
I've been on this "I can do it myself" kick lately! I get fed up with paying high prices for some things that I think I can actually make myself! So I was on a google search of how to make my own sunscreen. When a friend passed this info on to me...
That Top Shoelace Hole is Actually Important! [VIDEO]
Personally, I always thought the top shoelace hole was stupid. Who needs that? Well, it turns out that little hole can prevent blisters and'll be surprised how...and why don't they give instructions with shoes like they do with shampoo...
Man In Howard Amon Park Let Me Feed Ducks With Him! [VIDEO]
Life is so incredibly busy all the time! It seems I'm the type that gets more pleasure out of the smaller things in life... I met a nice man in the park today, and he let me feed the ducks with him. He had a big bag of cheerios that he let me share in feeding them. It was FUN!

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