Keep the Steelhead You Snag in the Snake River This Weekend
Thanks to a rule change, this weekend, you get to keep the steelhead you catch in the Snake River.
Go ahead, bait that hook and drop a line to troll a while, you anglers get to keep hatchery steelhead that are less than 28 inches long in the lower Snake River starting Saturday, November 18th...
Jimmy Graham Touchdown Causes Another Earthquake at Centurylink
First we had "Beast Quake" and now Jimmy Graham creates his own earthquake at Centurylink Field when scoring the game winning touchdown last Sunday.
Do we call it "Graham Quake"? Somehow it doesn't sound as good.
I was there, and one of the first things I was t…
5 Reasons Seahawks Fans Are Excited About Dwight Freeney
To replace injured Cliff Avril, the Seahawks have brought in veteran defensive lineman Dwight Freeney for a one year contract. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this addition even though he hasn't played on a team this year...

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