Seattle Breaks Own Record for… Days with NO Rain!
Seattle, the city known for raining all the time, as just broken its all time record for...days without rain.
The record was broken on Tuesday the 8th with 52 total days without rain. The previous record of 51 days was set back in 1951 according to news reports...
Study Reveals Huge Lava Engine Under Mt Rainier, St. Helens, & Adams
Growing up, I was always told that the volcanoes we live around were mostly safe and dormant. Now a new study has revealed that they are much more alive and dangerous then anyone thought.
Scientists have found an enormous "lava chamber engine" that flows under all 3 of the Nort…
A Peek at the New FARMCITY Pro Rodeo Venue
Thanks to Farmcity pro rodeo for having 1027 KORD on opening night!
3 months ago if you would seen the rodeo grounds, you probably would have thought there is NO way this will be ready in time.
Because of hard work, volunteers and determination they were able to open on time...
Crazy Hair Shoplifting Suspect Wanted by Richland PD
This crazy hair bandit is wanted for questioning by the Richland Police. He allegedly stole from a store in Richland and his image was captured by security cameras. His image was posted on the Richland Police Facebook page and people were commenting about his hair...

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