41 Elk Die After Falling Through Ice in Oregon
41 elk are reported to have died on the Powder River arm of Brownlee Reservoir after falling through the ice on 12/27. According to officials, it was not possible to save any of the elk or salvage the meat.
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Animal Shelters Need Your Help in Moses Lake
Animals shelters in Moses Lake have called for community support this fall because they're struggling to care for their animals. The shelters are short on dog and cat food, as well as toys and blankets for the pets.
$9000 Reward for Ellensburg Poachers
From our news partner, NBC Right Now, KNDU-TV:
"With $9,000 in reward money on the table, enforcement officers for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) continue to search for the poacher or poachers who gunned down five elk in a canyon near Ellensburg last month...
Tri-Cities Post-Election Vigil Aims to Unite Community
Most Presidential election years are stressful, but I feel comfortable saying that this year has been even more so. The country seemed to be at each others' throats for so long, and now that the election is over, there is still a lot of doubt, unrest , fear, and pain old stress...
Vancover Man Robbed at Gunpoint by Teen Prostitute
A Vancouver man was robbed at gunpoint by a teenage prostitute that he hired for sex. Alvino Soto-Arriaga pleaded guilty to patronizing a prostitute after being robbed of $1,000 in cash and a credit card according to reports. The teen prostitute and the group she was with that robbed him a…
Washington Professor Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
The Nobel Prize is a big deal, and it was just awarded to a professor at UW for physics. Professor Emeritus David J. Thouless was awarded with two other physicists according to news reports. They explore exotic states of matter or as smart people say "for theoretical discoveries o…
‘Mail the Ticket’ Says Woman to 911, Won’t Pull Over
A woman being chased by police, called 911 and told them to mail her the ticket because she was late to an appointment and did not want to stop. Police tried to stop her for speeding and she refused to stop but did not speed up or try to run from police according to news reports...

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