Did Your Spectrum Internet Go Out?
Did you lose internet on November 1st most of the evening? You're not the only one.
You may not have noticed, but most of Washington and actually a lot of the country lost internet at the same time when Spectum had a huge failure to their network...
Soldier Killed by Music Promoter at Tacoma Nightclub
A rap music promoter has plead not-guilty after allegedly shooting and killing a 22-year-old soldier at a nightclub parking lot in Tacoma.
Marshall Marion Wilson, 34, of Kent, is charged with second-degree murder, first-degree assault and unlawful gun possession, according to news reports...
Yup! Netflix Prices Are Going Up… AGAIN!!
Hi. My name is Raleigh. And I love to Binge...  HI RALEIGH!! Don't even lie, you love a good Saturday completely wasted on watching 7 episodes of your latest show addiction. And hey, you're not alone. However, our little addiction is about to cost us more money...
Love Those Buzz Feed Quizzes? Now You Can Make Your Own!!
If you scroll through your Facebook feed, chances are you'll see several people posting results of the latest BuzzFeed quiz. 'What Harry Potter Character Are You', or 'Can we Guess Your Age Based on Your Cheese Preferences' are familiar posts, but what if you want to create …
Pendleton Couple Aid Wounded While Bullets Fly
Stories of hope have also emerged from the Vegas shooting. Kevin Anderson has been a first responder for 30 years. He and his wife Elaine don't think they're heroes. We do.
Their amazing story from the East Oregonian is HERE.
Big Changes Coming for Mega Millions Lottery Players
If you're one of those lottery players that doesn't want to have to buy tickets twice a week so you by multiple drawings, well, they're phasing that out. Not sure why. And your $1 Mega Millions ticket doubles in price starting Oct. 28. Not sure why...

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