Just How Hot Did Our Heatwave Get?
As the clouds roll in we're sending off one of the first big heatwaves of the year. Tuesday and Wednesday even saw record high temperatures, but if you think the past two days were hot, you're in for a rough summer. These temperatures are as recorded at the Tri-Cities Airport...
What Were You Doing When You First Heard ‘Prince’?
I was backpacking around Europe in 1984 with my best friend Joan! We were barely 21 years old and experiencing 14 different countries around Europe for the first time!
When we heard 'When Doves Cry' playing on someones stereo we  loved it immediately...
7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Moore Mansion
Most anyone and everyone that has lived here for any length of time, has probably attended a function there for one reason or another. But, did you ever hear the history behind the mansion? It's really quite interesting!

Moore Mansion was built for a Seattle tycoon’s wife
ICYMI: Weather Service Forecasts to Stop SHOUTING at Us
For decades, the National Weather Service has been very excited about their weather forecasts. So excited, in fact, that they have been YELLING AT US THE ENTIRE TIME! Just look at this forecast for the Tri-Cities, for example:
Proposals to switch to normal type first came in the 1990s when media outl…

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