Zillah Orchard Workers Wounded By Shots Fired
Thank God no one was seriously injured!
Five orchard workers were hit with pellets in the legs and I hope it was on accident!
I suppose it's possible that people aiming at birds from a canal bank about 100 yards away were the culprits...
Breaking News! -Clint Didier’s Hay Barn Went Up In Flames!
With summer like temperatures and any moisture trapped in hay, there is always a chance of the hay molding or getting hot and that creates a risk for combustion!
It was an open hay storage area so hard to imagine that was the case, but the barn certainly was fully engulfed when these pictures were ta…
Man Punished For Saving Ducks in Kennewick! [VIDEO]
This story is disturbing in so many ways!
'Man Walking With Ducks Causes a Crash'
I myself have taken risks when trying to save a wounded animal on a busy roadway. I once crawled on my hands and knees along the side of the freeway trying to rescue a kitten someone threw out of their car...

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