New Farmers Market at Trac in West Pasco!
One thing about summertime is all the Farmer's Markets for fresh produce and baked goods!
A Basin City Farmer is now making it easier for those around the West side of Pasco to enjoy great prices on Fruit, Veggies, Kettle Corn and baked goods from 16 different vendors with possibly more on the w…
Fire Officials Warn: Box Fan Starts House Fire!
Soaring temperatures are never fun and we all go to great lengths sometimes to get some relief from the Tri-Cities heat!
Fire officials are warning the public though, to never leave anything ON, that has a motor.
Crews were called to a house fire on Byson Brown Rd, after a box fan was left on and over…
Kennewick Woman Suspected in Pasco Drive By Shooting!
Phadera Victoria A. Grisby, 27, of Kennewick is suspected to be the driver in a 'Drive By Shooting' that took place in Pasco on Tuesday night around 10pm near Fifth Ave and Pearl Street in Pasco.
 Evans L. Madison, Jr., 29, is suspected of being the shooter according to Police...
Keep Your Hands OFF the Baby Seals! NOAA Warning!
I love it that it is in human nature to want to help! Especially when we see a baby animal of some kind appearing alone or abandoned.
It's great that so many want to rush to their rescue and often times really do save the animals life...
Camper at Rimrock Lake Shot in the Chest!
Imagine a nice camping trip at beautiful Rimrock Lake! Most of us in Washington have done it right?
Well, ya know those late nights when you've gotta sneak out of the tent to go to the bathroom or when you peak out of the tent to investigate a weird noise, hoping it's not a bear...

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