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The Truth About the Starbucks Red Cup Hate
I couldn't find a pic of the Starbucks red cup that might be legal for use by company standards quickly, but you've seen it all over Facebook a hundred times.
So, is everyone really freaked out that that Merry Christmas is missing from this beautiful red cup...
High School Student Dies from ‘Car Surfing’ Incident
You've probably seen videos of people standing on top of cars, trucks or other vehicles on such shows as TruTV's World's Dumbest, or World's Most Shocking Videos. But the threats and dangers are all too real, including a Seattle-area high school student who died this week.
Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News: You Fib Bro? [VIDEO]
I like his delivery best of all the evening newscasters, I love his sense of humor on late night talk shows, and I am crushed by ConflateGate, LiarGate, CopterGate or what ever they're gonna call it.
Apparently, NBC's Brian Williams wasn't truthful about being on a helicopter in Iraq…
Will The Erupting Volcano in Japan Affect WA Climate? [VIDEO]
The climate here in WA was certainly affected when Mt St. Helens erupted. But will we see global affects in weather from Japans' Volcanic eruption?
Apparently it's hard to say for sure at this point. You can read more about it here.
Dozens are dead in the latest eruption in Japan on Saturday…

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