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Oregon State Considers Punishing Politicians for Lying
A new measure floating around in the Oregon State legislature is trying to make it so politicians cannot lie on their statements in the voter pamphlets.
It is already illegal for candidates to lie about educational or professional background, but now any form of false advertising in the sta…
The Color Of Money
Happy Birthday! You are so money!
Paper money was first introduced today in 1862.
The notes were $5, $10 and $20. These notes were redeemable in coin on demand, which is why they were called "Demand notes." But because of the green ink used to print these notes they became known as G…
Cartoons Around The World Depict Trump’s First Month
I have loved political cartoons for as long as I can remember. Love it or hate it, I always respect the thoughts and art and the freedom of expression.
A sample of what satirists around the globe are depicting as their view of American culture six weeks into the Trump Administration...
iPhone Or Healthcare?
New iPhones cost $649. The average cost of healthcare for one year is $10,345.
Yet Utah Senator Jason Chaffetz said maybe instead of getting that new iPhone, maybe you should use it for healthcare instead. Logical? Do you agree?
Obviously it's not going over well on social media...

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