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Richland Man Is Next Secretary of Defense!
Retired Marine General James Mattis was a long shot for Sec. of Defense. He retired from leading military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2013 and a FEDERAL LAW requires a general be 7 years past his or her military service to be in the cabinet...
Poop Box: The Best Way to Deal With Holiday Package Thieves
Over the last year or two, there have been stories about people getting 'revenge' on what are called Porch Pirates, people who steal delivery packages from people's porches.  According to  numerous sources, including Pemco Insurance, authorities are calling this new breed of…
Burlington Shooting Suspect ARRESTED!
After a manhunt lasting 24 hours, the suspect in the Burlington mall shooting has been arrested near Oak Harbor, Washington. KOMO reports that Arcan Cetin is in custody.

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