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New App Gives Control of Teens Phones Back to Parents
I am a parent of a child that is getting to the age where she will need to have a phone, and now I am not so scared. A new app was released called replyASAP that gives control back to the parents of their teens phones.
Gun Pulled on Couple at Jokers Parking Lot in Richland
Richland Police are reporting that a gun was pulled on a couple after a Thursday night party at Jokers in Richland. The incident happened around 1:15 early Friday morning when there was an altercation in the parking lot. A couple tried to help and that is when someone pulled a gun on
Ski Bluewood Opens Friday For People Seeking Snow
With new snow, Ski Bluewood is opening Friday.
They made the announcement on their website that the main lift would open at 9 am. They also have stocking stuffer 3-pack deals going on right now, if your looking for a lift ticket deal.
There have also been quite a few improvements at the resort like ne…

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