Luxury Movie Screens Coming To Canyon Lakes
The same people that brought you booze and reclining leather seats to the Queensgate 12 in Richland will break ground this year and will have open by late 2018 more of the same in the Canyon Lakes area.
Farichild Cinemas will build a 10-screen movie theater on property it owns next to Walmart...
I Bet You Haven’t Seen More Than One Oscar Movie
The Oscar nominations are out! And as I scrolled through them this morning, I realized I really haven't seen any of the films nominated for Best Picture. Maybe it's just me, and the movies I saw this year weren't in the Oscar ranking (except for maybe sound, editing, and/or costumes),…
Marriage Is Real Complicated in the ‘Between Us’ Trailer
In the last few years, we’ve seen a lot more movies that take a more honest look at love in all its complexities, rather than the fairytales that have usually been handed to us wrapped up in a perfect bow. The latest in this new let’s-be-honest-about-how-weird-relationships-are-for-onc…
Say Goodbye to Carmike 12, AMC is Moving in!
AMC is one of the biggest movie theater chains in the country. #2 to be exact.
Regal Entertainment Group
AMC Entertainment Inc
Cinemark Theatres
Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
And they're coming to the Tri-Cities...
Here’s Why You Must See ‘Rogue One’
For any Star Wars geek, you've been planning on seeing the new story 'Rogue One' for months now (maybe even a year). And without any spoilers let me tell you that you're going to LOVE it! I swear the film last night and was not let down...

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