Best Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween
If your a little too old to go trick or treating and you cant go to any party's on Halloween here's some movies you might want to take a look at watching. We've got everything from suspense to terror, from all times dating back the mid 80's...
Girl With Fake Superpowers Freaks Out Coffee Shop! [VIDEO]
Now this is how you promote a great scary movie!!  "Carrie" is coming to theaters and I gotta tell ya, I'm not a fan of re-makes and re-do's but THIS LOOKS AWESOME!
Now for the funny freak out as if you were witnessing a real "Carrie...
Terrifying True-Life Facts About Horror Movies [VIDEO]
It sees like the only time my wife and I are in the mood for a good horror movie is in October.  And it's amazing how many scary things happen when you're really trying to do something a thriller or haunted movie!

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