Man Falls Off a Waterslide and Hits Rocks!! [VIDEO]
A man in Austin Texas has a homemade waterslide on his property. His buddy was going down it and flew off the side, He fell about 15 feet and landed on ROCKS!!.
Luckily he survived, but he ended up with a broken arm, several broken ribs, and lots of cuts and bruises...
Arsonist at It Again in Pasco
Pasco residents have had a few dumpster and alley fires recently. This one Sunday night in the alley behind Mexico Lindo restaurant,(Court street and 18th.) Pasco police ask the public to call 911 immediately about fires like this or if you notice something suspicious...
Best Chicken Strips in The Tri Cities!!!
I absolutely love chicken strips and thanks to a friend I found a convenience store that serves up some damn yummy chicken!..not to mention it also comes with an awesome biscuit!! Check out this location and go try some!
Circle K
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