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Simple Shelf Assembly Gone Bad!
Those of you who know me well, know I'm on a forever quest to become more organized! So yesterday I bought a shelving thing at Costco that I thought would help me get some junk out of cabinets and utilize a bit more space.
"Fitch" (a worker guy at Costco) was such a sweetie and helped me lo…
Luna Lovegood
Eccentric but highly intelligent, Luna knows things about homes and neighborhoods you never expected you'd need to know! She's easy to work with and likable. She thinks of everything!
Studio with a view
2 Bdrm Mountain Chateaux
Eyeball Studio Apt...
Tarzan + Jane
Decades of experience, no one knows the neighborhood like this guy. He's a man of few words, but he'll look out for your interests. Honest, hardworking and skilled with a vine, Tarzan is great to work with.
Jane comes from an ivy-league education and is the communications expert...
Studio With a View
Overlooking a national park, this home is shy on furniture and amenities, but is perfect for entertaining. The view is the envy of the neighborhood.
Eyeball Studio Apt.
What this home lacks in square feet it makes up for in cubic feet. Perfect for two people, this home's yard is its strongest asset.
3 Bdrm Home Near Lake
Built in 1985 and used as a family home, these empty-nesters are looking to downsize. Great neighborhood near a school. 1,500 square feet with 1.5 baths.

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