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Best Home Improvement Stores
Summer is just around the corner and the warm sunny days are already here. Sounds perfect for some home improvement if you ask me, so why not get started? Perhaps It is time to update your garden, fix your fence, paint the house, remodel your kitchen or bath, or even build a shed...
Shade Trees For Pets During Hot Summer Months…Which are Best?
I need to plant a shade tree for my dogs in the back yard, so I'm looking at various kinds. I want the tree to be non-toxic to pets of course. My friend suggested the Royal Empress Tree.
I think those trees are beautiful and apparently provide a gorgeous bud in the spring and large broad leaves …
Ever Thought of Living “Off the Grid”?
I have actually thought seriously about living "Off the Grid"
Maybe it's the hippie child in me coming out from being raised in Santa Cruz CA.
But, seriously, sometimes I think life would be simpler and more meaningful. I know a few people who have made that work...
Garden Help This Weekend at Heritage Nursery!
Hey, this sounds like a cool deal! I'm not so good at gardening and I just found out that this Saturday is an event at Heritage Nursery 27th & Ely St. in Kennewick!
It's "Fun in your Garden Day" and they're going to have all kinds of demonstrations on planting…
Simple Shelf Assembly Gone Bad!
Those of you who know me well, know I'm on a forever quest to become more organized! So yesterday I bought a shelving thing at Costco that I thought would help me get some junk out of cabinets and utilize a bit more space.
"Fitch" (a worker guy at Costco) was such a sweetie and helped me lo…
What Is Bark Blowing? [SPONSORED]
Bark blowing is a new way of laying ground material that is NOT labor intensive. A machine blows it from a hose, laying it evenly and naturally. Because the bark is blown, not laid, it can be placed on any slope or hard-to-reach corner. Check out these examples:
Vinegar Is Grandma’s Awesome Cure for Everything!
Years ago my grandmother told me to use vinegar for my heart burn, I tried it and got rid of my heartburn IMMEDIATELY! Grandma knew that her old remedies worked even if she couldn't explain to the scientific world. ever since then I'm convinced its the forgotten remedy for many,many t…

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