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See Why You Might Need to Bail Me Out of Jail!
Uhhhh, I'm just gonna say it...How come when I was blabbing all over the airwaves and the internet (blogging) about how happy I was to be building my little patio cover on my back porch for my plants to grow up on...did you NOT TELL ME I NEEDED A PERMIT???? LOL, Okay, I agree IGNORANCE is no ex…
Watch Faith Martin Irrigation Tips [VIDEO]
The beginning of irrigation season is always challenging! Just got off work and decided to tackle this issue! And yes, if anyone happens to drop by my house, they can be prompted on a moments notice to hold the camera and help me with one of my Video blog posts! ( I do have a quota ya know! ) Lol!
Tips for Lawn Care and Maintenance Year Round!
The sun is shining and everything is in full bloom! I believe water will be turned on today in Pasco. So, I did a quick glance around my yard to take mental notes on my plan- of-action for my yard and I immediately became overwhelmed!

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