7 Great Pink Halloween Costumes to Support Breast Cancer Awareness
October is for Halloween but most people forget it is also breast cancer awareness month. I think more people should dress in pink for Halloween and close the month out with a bang. Heck, you could even take donations for Breast Cancer research and donate it...
25 Creepiest Halloween Make Up Ideas! [VIDEO]
With all the haunted attractions coming soon to THE SCARE GROUNDS in Kennewick (, isn't it time to start thinking about YOUR scary look? These are amazing!
Most Haunted Places at the Pendleton Round-Up
The Pendleton Round-Up is this week. If you host one of the country's oldest, biggest, best and storied rodeos for over 100 years you're bound to have a few ghosts, right? If you want to go looking for ghosts, here's where we suggest:

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