Uh Oh! Bear Has Old Pictures! What Is It [SURVEY]
This is fun! I love running across some old pictures of our quaint little town. Do you remember some old buildings and some places that did not exist back in the day. When I moved here in 1974 there was only about 60,000 people here, no cable bridge, no I-182 freeway, No Gage Blvd...
Fingernail History
The Fingernail is a soundstage in Howard Amon Park. It was created in 1963, "salvaged from a rock quarry" in the 1970s, and moved here in 1982
a great video on on this local landmark  video
10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Leprechauns
Few icons from folklore and mythology have been branded and co-opted more than the leprechaun. Stories of their rare appearances and coveted pot of gold have permeated almost every aspect of popular culture. They have become so synonymous with Irish culture that the streets are filled with tall gree…
25 Things You Might Not Know About Christmas
Christmas is full of familiar traditions: carving the ham, leaving cookies out for Santa, listening to Uncle Morty talk about his gall bladder removal surgery while you’re trying to enjoy some egg nog. These staples had to come from somewhere, and since Christmas offers a mix of reli…

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