Who Remembers Tri-Cities Junior Soccer?
I've been nostalgic for my childhood lately and was remembering the way youth soccer used to be in Tri-Cities. My kids are too young to play now, so I can't compare and contrast, but here are my favorite things about the way things used to be:
Diamond Rio’s ‘Close to the Edge’ Turns 20
Diamond Rio, the Christian country music group, celebrate 20 years since 'Close to the Edge' was released. The album came out on October 27, 1992, via Arista. It was the six-piece group's second album, and it followed the sonic style of their debut.
It’s National School Lunch Week!
So I graduated from high school in 1979 (Hanford Falcons YEAH!) I spent the last couple of years in school jumping in my buddy's car and heading to to Artic Circle drive in in Richland, maybe McDonalds. But before we got our driver's licenses and we could leave campus we had to eat school …
Today Is 10/11/12! What Does It Mean? [INTERVIEW]
I love days like these like 8-9-10 or 11-11-11 or 7-7-7. Today is 10-11-12. Kind of a cool day to get married or do something significant but what does it really mean?
Bear had a chance to ask Tri Cities psychic Janice Lynch about the meaning of this day 10-11-12...

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