I Helped Make Brandi Carlile Famous — I Really Did!
Brandi Carlile is a popular recording artist who's had a couple hits ("The Story" has probably been her biggest) and will play with The Dave Matthews Band Caravan when they perform at The Gorge Amphitheater in August. Not many people know I had a small part in helping her get …
Throwback Thursday: Meet the Pasco Milk Man!
Before grocery stores had refrigerated aisles the Milk Man would rove town delivering fresh milk and other produce. Their role was so important to the survival of Pasco that men delivering milk were exempted from military service during World War II.
THROWBACK THURSDAY — Wanna See the First School in Tri-Cities?
For our very first Throwback Thursday we decided to go WAY, WAY BACK! The first school in the Tri-Cities was operated out of the home of a Mrs. Van Horn. In 1896 the first official school house was built. It was a single-room structure for farm children built of 12-inch square timbers floated down t…

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