Throwback Thursday — Wanna Know How Haunted Houses Got Started?
Greg Delange is busy building Terror Behind the Screen -- the largest, scariest and most high-tech haunted house in the Mid Columbia! That got me thinking, where did the idea of a haunted house attraction come from? They've been very popular for the past dozen years, but how old is the concept?…
10 Weirdest Coincidences in History!
Maybe you've heard John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died the same day -- July 4, 1826 -- 50 years after the Declaration of Independence! Maybe you've heard all the similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy (both elected to congress in '46, both to the presidency in '60 and both assassins born in '08. …
Throwback Thursday: Let’s Go Road Trippin’! [PHOTOS]
For today's Throwback Thursday let's salute the men and women who keep our freeways clean and safe! Summer travel means these folks work overtime on our behalf. Enjoy these photos of road crews (plus a service station) from the early 1930s in the Tri-Cities area.
Throwback Thursday: Listen to the Band!
Tri-Cities has a lot of great live, local music to enjoy nearly every night of the week. You may not know that it's a long-standing tradition! People have always enjoyed playing in bands -- but the instruments have changed. Check out these photos from the 1920s and 1930s.

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