10 Coolest Battles You’ve Never Heard Of
Only one of these real battles from history made it to the big screen. Well, with English-speaking actors anyway. Many films have been made about these movies, but none you can find, or enjoy without subtitles.
How a German Camera Company Saved Hundreds From the Holocaust
This year is the 75th anniversary of the Leica Freedom Train -- an impressive effort by the Leitz optics company to ship hundreds of Jewish families out of Nazi Germany. Upon safe arrival, the refugees would check in with the local Leitz office where they would receive a free Leica camera and a stip…
What Candy Do You Miss From Childhood Trick-Or-Treating? [SURVEY]
When I was a kid my Trick-Or-Treating bag was always full of Big Hunk bars when I got home. Now I hardly see them. I really miss Zots (the hard candy with sour, fizzy powder inside) and Tangy Taffy, too. All three are still available, but Halloween no longer brings a plethora of them. What do you mi…

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