Oregon is Home to the Oldest Sandals EVER FOUND!
When you see the photo of these sandals, you'll see they're actually in pretty good condition. Amazing to think that the people who wore these saw the ice age! Now why don't you gather some sage bark and try to make sandals that look as good as these...
One of Washington’s Oldest Grave Sites Is for a Pickled Body
One of the oldest grave stones in Washington state belong to a young man who was pickled before burial. His family was Prussian (a country that used to be in northern Germany) and his family moved to America for religious freedom.
They decided to trek across the country along the Oregon Trail and set…
Who Were The Tri-City Posse? We Look Back
A recent posting on Craigslist made us think back in the long, rich, and sometimes tumultuous history of professional baseball in the Tri-Cities. This gear is being sold for $5. We wonder if they realize the historical value of these items.

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