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You Will Love These! — No Bake Energy Bites [RECIPE]
Ever need a quick bite of something filling, and yet somewhat healthy? Keep these in the fridge at home or bring them to work or stash in your cooler to take with you.
I made my own own version of course, (because I always do that)..I tried Almond Butter instead of peanut butter, and I used Agave Hon…
Sometimes I Feel Exactly Like This!
I think it goes without saying that Too much of anything is NOT healthy! And sometimes I feel like I'd like to go for a month at least of no computer, no cell phone, no social media sites etc. Get back to re-connecting without our technological forms of media...
I Was Craving Oatmeal Cookie Dough So I Made Healthy Ones!
I don't bake much. But last night I was dreaming of chowin' down on some really great textured Oatmeal Cookie Dough. There is something about Oatmeal cookies before  they're baked..(and I know you are not supposed to eat that raw because of the eggs)But I do it anyway...
Badger Mountain Hiker? Coming Soon Trails on Candy Mountain!
Most of you know I'm an avid Badger Mountain climber. I have hiked all of the access trails but prefer the backside because it's the least developed. I usually walk up the rocky road trail that the access trucks use -- and take my dogs! Then I run down the back side of the mountain.

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