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Now You Can Enjoy High Fat Dairy Products Again!
The other day I mentioned that I had some 2% milk and it was so rich tasting compared to the skim milk I usually buy. I drink fat free milk because it's supposed to be healthier, right? Well new research says otherwise! Studies are showing that people who regularly eat high fat butter and drink…
Getting Fit? Try This Ab Workout to ‘Uptown Funk!’ [VIDEO]
I was a gymnast when I was young and had great Abs! Getting those Abs back now at my age is a challenge. So I'm always looking for creative ways to get in that Ab workout! This Gymnastic Group found a way to incorporate an Ab Workout to one of my favorite songs! So, I think I'll be trying …
A Beginner’s Guide to Geocaching in Tri-Cities
Geocaching is a fun hobby enjoyed all over the world. It's a great activity for families, groups and clubs -- and even by yourself! What is geocaching? It's basically a treasure hunt guided by GPS, which is easily done by an app found on the website below.

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