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Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen and SPF Levels
There are several things to keep in mind when choosing which sunscreen to use and specifically which SPF (or Sun Protection Factor) is right for you. The FDA says SPF is related to the amount of solar exposure you get. Therefore the ideal SPF may differ depending on skin tone, the time of …
Is Technology Eating Our Brains? Faith Martin Thinks So!
How can I own 6 jog bras and never be able to find one when I need it!?  Why do I find half way through the day that my underwear are always inside out! I can't remember to take my vitamins EVER! Can't find my sunglasses! I've lost 3 pairs of I -phone ear buds, lose my water bottles, forget my lunch…
Latest Salmonella Outbreak Suspects Tuna!
Well no one told me and I ate Ahi last night at a local restaurant. I won't mention which one because obviously these things just can't always be avoided. But just so you know about it, you should read the latest info.

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