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How Much TV/Video Games Is Too Much?
We’ve probably all heard TV and video games turn kids brains to mush. The average child watches more than triple the amount of entertainment screen time than what is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
How to Seek Help for Depression
Depression goes beyond feeling sad that something didn’t go your way. If you have clinical depression don’t wait until you are suicidal to seek professional help. 8% of people 12 years and older struggle with depression on any two-week period. 41,149 people committed …
How to Help a Loved One Overcome a Drinking Problem
Many health officials believe alcohol is the most abused drug in America. It may be hard to help someone who you think may have a drinking problem, especially when they don’t think so. If their drinking is causing problems in their life then you’re right. Although eas…
Learn 5 Tips to Quit Smoking
Have you tried and failed? Have you wanted to try but haven’t quite got to it yet? There is still hope. Whether you choose to quit cold turkey, try therapy, take medication or a combination of these, simple tips can help keep you on track.

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