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Seattle Gives Authority To Arrest People For Smoking [POLL]
The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department now have made it illegal to smoke in any park across Seattle. If you are caught smoking in a park, police may fine you, or even arrest you.
The idea is that second hand smoke isn't safe at any distance, so for non-smoker's sake, ban all smoking in…
Protect Yourself From West Nile Virus
In Benton County there have been two positive cases of West Nile Virus (WNV) in birds this year, none reported in humans. Overall, 4 cases in humans in the United States have been reported; 2 that were neuroinvasive and two that were non-neuroinvasive.
How to Heal Back Pain at Home
One in five Americans report they’ve had back pain at least once in the last month. You don't necessarily need to go to the doctor if your back pain isn’t accompanied by other known stressors. In fact, according to WebMD, most back pain goes away within 4-6 weeks…
Know the Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion and dehydration can go hand in hand during the high temperatures of the summer time. If you’ve been out too long in the heat and aren’t feeling well you may be experiencing one or both of these conditions.
Dancing Could Be the Answer to Your Problems
Dancing really means participating in tons of different ways of moving your body in a rhythmic way. Different types of dances give you a different workout depending on the intensity. The type of workout that you get depends on how hard your heart is working. The higher your heart rate the better the…

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