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Four steps that are Guaranteed to Change Your Life!
It’s no secret that a regular regime of physical activity will improve your overall health and reduce stress. According to the CDC the average adult 18-64 needs 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week (2.5 hours) or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. You should also include muscle strength co…
Where’s the Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had?
I've never been a great sleeper! I think once you're a parent you pretty much never sleep soundly again!  But, over the years, I've developed more of a NON Sleeping 'issue' and have thought to consult a professional.
However, I noted that in the summers when I would take…
Get in Shape for Summer Now!
Daylight saving time begins March 13th, a week later spring begins and before you know it, it will be sunny and 85 degrees!  If you want to feel and look good when it's time to take your shirt off or put on the swimsuit then now is the time to make the change. But how?
Teen Dream Job! Get a Tan! AND Get Paid!
Okay not to take this lightly...It's a serious job! You could be 'SAVING LIVES!'
I always was quite envious when I was a pre-teen, watching the usually attractive and tan lifeguards at the summer pools or beach...

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