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Brick House Pizza Has Perfect Proportions [REVIEW]
I took my kids to Brick House Pizza for the first time Saturday. Even though it has been voted one of the best pizzerias in the Mid Columbia every year we've done the poll, I'd just never taken the time to go. I was not disappointed. Its reputation is deserved.
New Kennewick Seafood Restaurant Now Hiring!
So many great new places are coming to the Tri-Cities! The Crazy Crab Pot is set to open soon in Kennewick, and is now hiring! No word on the final opening date, but the new joint will bring seafood to the Tri-Cities in a fun and delicious...
This Place Has the Best Mac n Cheese in Tri-Cities!
But which place is it? Now that the weather has really turned, we love to get some comfort food in our bellies. And what is more comforting than a hot, gooey, yummy, mac n cheese!? But sometimes going to get it at our fave restaurant is better than making it at home...
10 Worst Halloween Candies Ever
We all have got some pretty horrible Halloween candy in your lives, and I started to realize something. The same crappy candy that was my least favorite is still being handed out to kids and I am sure they hate it as much as I did. Here are the 10 worst candies I think are handed out for Halloween..…
Do You Eat Tartar Sauce With Your Fries? [VOTE]
I personally don't eat any sauce with any food, but lots of people like tartar sauce with fries, do you? Is it a regional thing? Some restaurants ASSUME you want tartar sauce with your fry order. Do enough people do that for servers to assume it?

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