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Do You Eat Tartar Sauce With Your Fries? [VOTE]
I personally don't eat any sauce with any food, but lots of people like tartar sauce with fries, do you? Is it a regional thing? Some restaurants ASSUME you want tartar sauce with your fry order. Do enough people do that for servers to assume it?
You Have to Try the New Sushi Place in Kennewick!
I'm always on the lookout for new great food in the Tri-Cities and I was VERY excited to discover Shiki Sushi! I lived in Japan teaching English for a year, so Japanese food is near and dear to my heart (and belly). Here's what I thought of Shiki, check it out...
Creepy Clown Sightings are Cramping Ronald McDonald’s Style
Thanks a LOT creepy clowns!! Now the original creepy clown, Ronald McDonald will have limited appearances. Due to the creepy clown phenomenon, Ronald has decided not to go out as much for the time being. A McDonald's spokesperson stated that they are being “thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald's…
How to Chop (Julienne & Dice) an Onion [VIDEO]
Last month Andrew Chilton and Tanner Guy with Doggie Style Gourmet taught us how to properly peel and chop an onion! Andrew and Tanner were gourmet chefs before deciding to take their skills to the streets with a gourmet hot dog food cart you can catch at Pasco's Food Truck Fridays and Pasco&ap…
New York Style Pizza & Deli Finally In the Tri-Cities!
I always thought I loved NY style pizza, until I visited New York and actually had NY style pizza! The difference was incredible. As a total West Coast girl, I didn't know what I was missing in the thin crust dripping thin cheese, sauce, more cheese, special herbs, and pepperoni...
What Are the Grossest Halloween Candies? VOTE!
I like the Runts -- especially the bananas -- and many people don't -- especially the bananas. I can't stand the NECCO wafers but a coworker loves them. Every kid has candies they save, and ones they trade. What about you? Vote below:

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